Saturday, February 11, 2012

Frosting Shots!

Whoa, just came across this one! 

Aparently Sprinkles in California has a secret menu with
75 cent frosting shots:)

The shots come in mini-paper cups, and are pretty hefty — about 2-3 ounces. The frosting is, in fact, so thick that you can hold the shot upside without anything falling out— kinda like a Dairy Queen Blizzard.

Frosting menu: Flavours change daily, and are based on whatever cupcakes are being sold that day. For example, on Saturday the frostings are creamy vanilla, bittersweet chocolate, coconut cream cheese, fudgy milk chocolate cream cheese, cream cheese and strawberry.

Red Velvet cupcakes are sold everyday, so the cream cheese frosting can be ordered as a shot daily. The most popular frostings are cream cheese and dark chocolate frosting.

Not sure what I think of this one - would you buy one!?

1 comment:

  1. I love the frosting but I'm not sure I would buy a shot of it.